Z-Audio Distribution and Records

Z-Audio, 33 Atlas Business Centre, Oxgate rd, London, NW2 7HJ, +44 (0) 208 438 8811

Welcome to Z Audio Distribution and Records, The home of Breakbeat Distribution!

Please note that we are a wholesale company and do not sell to the general public.

Z Audio Biog

The last four years has seen Z Audio establish themselves as the leading breakbeat vinyl distributor. This year has seen the company diversify into other genres such as house, techno & dubstep, aswell as increasing their distribution output to include CD albums and digital formats. With our unique way of working, and a very personal service, we make sure that all of our labels are well looked after, no matter how big or small.

Z Audio can offer unique press & distribution deals. For more information about these deals or to recieve a full breakdown of how our P&D deals work, please contact info@zaudio.co.uk

Being breakbeats number one distributor and now branching into other genres, we are well connected throughout the whole dance scene and, if your label is distributed through Z Audio, we can gladly put you in touch with someone, should you need a contact for remixing or a hand with A&R'ing.

The team at Z Audio are passionate about dance music, this passion is supported by a detailed knowledge of music technology and sound design. Understanding the finer points of quality means we always have and always will continue to support vinyl as the superior format, especially for genres of music that rely on bass heavy sound.

Although we are passionate about quality, and we will always push vinyl as much as we can, we understand that times are changing, and that higher transport taxes and various other hurdles now mean higher export prices around the world.

To keep on top of this we have now started to distribute our product digitally.